“Beautiful. But… so… what is it exactly that you’re doing?”

If we try to make it short: We care about brand experience and communication. Sounds simple? Good for you. But it’s actually a wide range of different services. Let’s take a closer look:

In the end you could say, everything is communication and everything is part of the brand experience. That’s why this is the heart and center of our services as well. It’s the groundwork for everything that follows. If you took the time and extra-care to do this right – everything afterwards will be so much easier and more powerful. A good logo, a practical, but not too complex Corporate Design – this will define the league you’re perceived to play in. And by the way – yes – we also do naming. The earlier we have the chance to help you with your brand, the better.

Then we love to bring your brand to life! This might primarily be your corporate website, no doubt, but also campaigns, wether it’s entertaining banners in social media or classic mailings and landingpages etc., are going to make your brand start to truly connect with your audience. And talking about campaigns: Yes, we also do SEO and SEA and all the campaign execution magic.

But after all nothing let’s you experience a brand like events. This is where you turn customers into fans, where you have the opportunity to create extraordinary memories, that stick. We are not an event agency. But we are delivering concepts to push your events to a significantly higher engagement level.

It’s not just keynotes on stage, where you are able to stand out and engage people beyond their expectations, but also sales decks and presentations in general, that are typically quite underestimated, because people look at them as “naaah, that’s just powerpoint”. But this is a mistake. You spend many hours in critical business meetings working on big deals. Use this opportunity to win hearts and gut feeling points.  And yes – it’s still Powerpoint or Keynote or Google Slides, but we can’t hide that we’re simply good at it (Check this out),

Talking about skills we can’t deny: Boy, we created like thousands of fancy and exciting mailings in the past. No matter how abstract the topic is – we find a way to make sure your recipients stop at this email and start to read. Because we know how to grab attention and prove relevance.

One of our favorite tricks: You can not fake being interesting. Stop trying to sell. Start providing real values. Create original content, give little gifts. Your customers appreciate that.
This can be many things, like beautiful and informative infographics, interesting whitepapers or helpful, entertaining videos and animations. In the end it comes down to real values. If you put some real value into your actions, people will notice and will thank you with their patience to listen to you.

So that is what we do.
But what makes us unique is our special expertise in b2b, tech and software communication. This is where we come from.
And this is…


We believe:
Only if you align business goals with audience expectations (and desires), you end up with beautiful and meaningful experiences that finally pay off for your company.

Everyone wants to be customer-centric nowadays. And this is absolutely fine, we couldn’t agree more with this approach. Especially since we have been thinking and working like that long before the term became a megatrend. There are only two problems with that today:
First, too many companies think they did their homework when they had someone work out a few user personas. The more the better. But – sorry if we’re that honest – This doesn’t automatically make your activities and projects customer-centric. It takes a whole new approach, whole new perspectives to *really* care about the customer’s interests. It usually takes some serious work to free yourself from your typical inside-view and really walk your customer’s shoes.
The good news: We can help.

Second, as much as everyone personally appreciates the whole world circling around “us personally” (because everyone also is a customer himself here and there) – and it’s totally necessary to let the pendulum swing into the customer’s direction for a while – but it’s a mistake to disregard the other side: Your business. Because if you only polish your customer-facing touchpoints to be customer-centric and miss to align your business accordingly, or even worse: you copy the wrong “best practice” and your customer-centric approach doesn’t match your business model, then you won’t win anything with that strategy either.
All good: We are helping innovative tech startups to align their complex business models with their customer dreams and expecations since 20 years. We know how to help.

SNK creative and SNK

SNK creative is a unit of SNK. One of five strong pillars SNK is built upon. We wished we could say, it’s the oldest unit as well, but we have to confess that this would cause a fight with our colleagues from SNK UX – for good reasons.

SNK is a an organically grown owner-managed agency, where each partner / managing director is leading a unit he is an expert in since many years. We are five dedicated experts leading five incredible teams or units, so that we combine the strength and power of a specialist for each field with the advantage of close collaborations between those units.

What does this mean for you? You get best-of-bread expertise within a smoothly running full-service machine specialized in customer experience and digital transformation projects. From Creative Design and UI/UX to Marketing Automation and web-based Software Applications. All connected and held together by a top layer of practical consulting, based on our decades of experience in the IT industry.


Next to SNK creative we have SNK UX, the team of designers that not only care about making things look good, but also actually work smoothly and manage to please rookies in an consumer context the same way as power-users in enterprise software environments. When it comes to enterprise backend interfaces (especially in travel or commerce) you won’t find many teams like that in europe. Promised.

And then there are SNK Dev, the premium-grade software nerds, SNK strategy, the guys who help you create a valid masterplan and strategy in the first step, and SNK teams, our service for dedicated european-based nearshore development resources with german touchpoints and project managers.

But those are different stories to be told separately on the website of our mothership at snk.de – take a visit and learn more about all the SNK units there.

It’s a huge family. Check out all the tribes.

So what is it YOU need?