Brand Relaunch and Brand Positioning

Brand relaunch and brand positioning

We were tasked with relaunching the brand for the start-up Squirro  and creating a precise brand positioning for them. The core of their business – software based on artificial intelligence – required a precise market positioning and a simplified presentation for the B2B target group.

A holistic brand relaunch

The core brand was first developed in workshops with the management. We also discovered  the client’s untapped market potential using well-founded competitive analysis and we created a strategic brand position to help them realize this potential. Next we executed  a visual makeover that energized and emotionalized the brand. The end result was a holistic relaunched brand, which was harmoniously reflected across their entire communications portfolio  and allowed them to stand out in the crowded B2B sector. The new brand includes, among other things:

  • Content creation
  • Audiovisual field (visual storytelling, design and illustration)
  • Print portfolio
  • Social media
  • Exhibition design


    New color scheme


    CMYK: 4 78 96 0
    RGB: 227 82 27
    HEX: #E3521B
    PANTONE: 1655C

    Dark Grey

    CMYK: 68 59 56 64
    RGB: 54 54 54
    HEX: #363636
    PANTONE: Black 7C

    Sky Blue

    CMYK: 68 16 10 0
    RGB: 70 168 209
    HEX: #46A8D1
    PANTONE: 2190C

    Light Grey

    CMYK: 2 2 2 0
    RGB: 249 249 249
    HEX: #F9F9F9
    PANTONE: 1791C

    Corporate Collaterals

    The marketing strategy of Squirro included a huge number of informative whitepapers and downloads with immediate use for the customer. Less marketing language, more information and content to seriously read.



    Only 1% of data is used. Activate the other 99%.

    Let Squirro help you turn meaningless data into A.I.-driven actionable insights.


    Some website relaunchs we start with the statement, that design is overestimated. Why? Because it’s just lipstick on a pig, if we don’t start at the basis and help you develop a story that your audience is actually able to process.

    For Squirro this turned into a mega project reaching from storytelling over a new structure for the product portfolio down to new interface concepts for the product itself.


    Event Branding:
    Annual Squirro Sights Conference

    A.I. and actionable insights is about finding the needle in the hay. That’s why we loved the title of the event, that Squirro came up with, and enjoyed working on magical SIGHTS logo concepts.