Creating an event micro-branding that sticks out and functions as a perfect smalltalk opener

The right balance

Like many times before during the last years after we handed over the Hybris / SAP CX brand reins to SAP we faced the challenge to find a good balance between sticking to the strict SAP brand guidelines and still creating an inspiring visual language that goes beyond just stock photography. Especially with a messaging around “reimagine your business”, “game changing experience” etc., we had to come up with something, that is more unseen than the usual SAP booths.

Agile and flexible

What we also like about creative micro-brand systems is the simple and efficient way to adapt the system to many formats and channels, without simply repeating yourself. Systems like that enable you to create a world of infinite variations, where the audience finds new things with every single step.

Landing Page, Invite-, Reminder-, and Thank you mailings all in one look

We also cared about identifying opportunities to explore the limits of the visual system and create little animations wherever it was technically possible. The more YOU care about your own project, the more your audience feels some excitement, too.

Make them proud

Nothing is as underestimated as the challenge for an adaption on a fashion piece. There’s a really thin line between fashion and advertising. And if it’s not fashion, where you dare to hide some letters. than you missed the shot.

Relevance and priorities differ a lot depending on the channel. And the channel of a T-Shirt has the unique and special chance to end up as a “favorite shirt” in someone’s wardrobe.