Myra Security

Protecting the digital world against real threats.

»We have to act as the leader that we are.«

The German technology manufacturer Myra offers a secure, certified Security-as-a-Service platform for protecting digital business processes.

They approached us with a simple task: They had a great software, but couldn’t really explain to the world why it’s better. So our task was to create a new brand and website, that position the company as an industry leader and help them extend their reach.

We developed a visual system that represents data streams in an abstract way. This allowed us to present the functionalities of the individual products on a simplified level and at the same time created a high recognition value for the Myra brand.

»We protect the basis of modern life in an increasingly complex, digital world, thus enabling the world as we know it today.«

New color scheme

Dark blue

CMYK: 100 80 45 45
RGB: 0 43 74
HEX: #002B4A

Bright blue

CMYK: 60 0 4 0
RGB: 42 217 255

Alarm red

CMYK: 0 80 70 0
RGB: 252 82 64
HEX: #FC5240

Bright green

CMYK: 50 0 95 0
RGB: 125 255 84
HEX: #7DFF54

Gradient 01

Gradient 02

Gradient 03

Gradient 04

In addition to the abstract visualizations, a modular key visual was created that shows the structure and functionalities of the Myra product portfolio.

A new user experience to match the company’s values and goals

An analysis of the customer journey of a typical prospective customer revealed that the Myra website is one of the most important initial touch points. By making the site comprehensive, easy to navigate, and focusing on prospects, the redesign aims to increase the impact of on the bottom line.

»We have no doubt that we will see an increase in cyber terror in the future. Companies are vulnerable. We need to make sure that sensitive data is reliably protected.«

Bold and ambitious – across all channels

To further support Myra’s marketing efforts, we developed a variety of templates – such as presentations, exhibition stands, whitepapers and product data sheets, as well as ads for online and offline channels.