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The challenge:
Seven brands merged into one

Never change a winning Brand? A group of seven independent and successfully established companies did just that and commissioned us to develop a new unified brand and corporate website. Particular attention had to be paid to the individual expertise of the various company components, which could not afford to lose their visibility within the larger corporate group. We needed to inspire confidence with existing customers and employees in the new brand approach.

The solution:
A strong, unified brand

The name “valantic” as well as the slogan “Elements of the digital now” stand for a modern and strong brand, which unites all the companies under its banner. The website brands valantic as a “thought leader” and  as a rich source of information for its different target groups. The successful launch of the new brand and website was accompanied by events for the employees at all locations as well as mailing and video campaigns for customers.

New color scheme


RGB: 60 69 83
HEX: #3C4553

Shuttle Grey

RGB: 100 105 117
HEX: #636975


RGB: 245 217 102
HEX: #F4D966


RGB: 45 235 138