Pumping fresh blood into the brand and marketing of CPQ pioneer and expert FPX.

Brand Relaunch with strong customer engagement focus

FPX is not only one of the global top CPQ players, but also a true software pioneer with roots going back into the 80’s and the Commodore C64. Hitting the european market they wanted to take this as an opportunity to pump fresh blood into their brand and add a stong layer of really entertaining customer engagement and experience.


Keep what’s good, delete the rest, add a clear and strong next-generation layer

Analyzing what we would want keep and what needs to reach a new level we found that the story of FPX is great, the established logo is working quite well, and people connect a lot with the yellow and grey.
All the rest though had to go through a serious upgrade process. This started with a re-definition of the color palette and fonts, the use of the brand basics, the image world and finally opened up a huge serious of successful illustration sub projects. Fact is: the more complex and abstract your product is, the more fun it is for your audience, if you find creative ways to explain your story and model in an easy way. Nothing works like good illustrations here, trust us. Or simply scroll through this little number of examples.