Animations for presentations

The secret to outstanding presentations is investing some time and love in good pre-produced content. This is good solid storytelling on the one side and custom-tailored animations on the other.

Don’t look at Powerpoint as only Powerpoint!

The biggest mistake you can make when starting to work on a good presentation is looking at your presentation tool and complain about it’s technical limitations and that it’s impossible to create a good presentation in powerpoint. Because it’s not true and just a wrong point of view.

Reset your mind. Don’t tink of Powerpoint as Powerpoint. Powerpoint itself is an empty stage and you are the regisseur and producer. Certainly – if you only hire amateur actors you won’t magically end up winning an Oscar. And that is where switching the point of view helps: Pre-produce good content like you would also do for an advertising campaign or a TV ad.  Have that in mind. It’s all there. You just need to start producing good content. And animations. Let’s have a look at some little examples that spiced up our client’s presentations significantly:


















Newsletters with animated banners

Don’t make the mistake to expect the animations to tell a complete story. That is not even necessary. You are the off voice to the story anyway while the animations are the tiny reward for listening.

And sometimes a simplified interface interaction allows your audience even more to focus on the core of your story instead of getting lost in details. Consider this as well, when you build your story. 

And also worth a thought: What’s good for your presentation can’t be wrong for your website. Yes. That’s what we are saying: All this could also shine bright on your website. Think about it.